Hi, my name is Jedidiah Akinboyowa
and I am a full stack Web Developer.


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I am a Wed Developer with a lot of passion for coding and embracing challenges. In addition to having great enthusiasm for collaboration and helping others, I also enjoy learning new skills daily, and I have a good understanding of how the web and web applications work.

I am currently looking for the right opportunity to work in an environment that will help me progress into a better Web Developer, as well as a better person so that I can become more valuable and have significant impact.

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Face Detection App

This is a full stack web application that detects human faces with a square box when an image url is inserted in a space provided. The project has a Front-end using ReactJS, it uses an image recognition API, it has it's own server using NodeJS and Express, and finally has a database where it stores user information such email and hashed passwords securely.

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This Web Application fetches JSON objects (robots) and displays their picture and name on cards. It actively searches through objects when user is typing into the search bar. Robot pictures are automaticaly generated from robohash.org. This project was built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Node.js.

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Gradient Generator

This project is a Gradient Color Generator. It generates rgb values for each color selected. The generated rgb color can be used anywhere on any platform. This project was built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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